Rental Instruments are available.  All rentals include full maintenance,
(string replacement, pegs slipping or sticking, gluing of seams, &
broken fine tuners).  Any damage, (broken pegs, bridges, chinrests,
cracks, etc.) that occurs will be charged to you and repairs
must be done
in my shop.

Violins 1/32 - 4/4         $15.00 per month
Violas 13" - 161/2"       $20.00 per month
Cellos 1/16 - 4/4           $30.00 per month

TERMS:  2 months of your rental fee must be paid when receiving your
instrument, from there on it is stricly month to month.  A contract
must be filled filled out.  Payments sheets will be given out.  Renters
have a 10 day grace period before being charged a $5.00 late fee per
month and rent charged to a your credit card after a 2 month period

40% of all rental fees, up to 3 years, will be applied to the purchase of
your rental or a better instrument.
Wetzel Violins, Inc., 737 S. Englewood Ave., Evansville, IN 47714
812-477-7107  or  800-358-5323
shop hours: Monday - Thursday 1-5:50pm, Friday 1-4pm, Saturday 10am-12pm