I am a trained luthier with a degree in String instrument
Technology and in General Studies from Indiana University
in Bloomington, IN.  I have apprenticed under Severin Schurger
in Miami, Fl for 5 years.  I then worked at the
Bass Viol Shop for 3 years, specializing in
string bass repair.  Since 1993 I have owned
Wetzel Violins, Inc. in Evansville, IN.  I have
had additional training through The Violin
Craftsmanship Institute in Durham, NH
and The Massachusetts College of Liberal
Arts in summer programs with HansNebel,
Lynn Hannings ,George Rubino and at
Oberlin College,  Oberlin, OH with Rodney
Mohr, Jerry Pasewicz, & David Orlin.  
I am a member of The Violin Society of
America, and am listed in both The Strad
and Strings publications, and also a cello bow maker.
Wetzel Violins, Inc., 737 S. Englewood Ave., Evansville, IN 47714
812-477-7107  or  800-358-5323     wetzelviolins@yahoo.com
Rebecca Wetzel